• Gaby Millner

A gentle touch

A little while ago we published a blog post about how a few adjustments to an internal layout could add huge benefit in terms of functionality and improved spatial feel to a house.

This post shows the same house, but with a few modifications externally. We feel that they made a big difference to the overall appearance of the property. Hopefully you will agree.

One of the requirements of the client's brief was to address the dimly lit living areas that didn't receive much sunlight. While it is often tempting to install floor to ceiling glass to increase internal lighting, we felt that this was not the correct response for this little house. Instead, we opted to only slightly increase the size of the windows and to rather install roof lights over the spaces that required extra light, thus maintaining the cottage-y feel and proportions of the building.

For the new entrance lobby, we wanted to create something with a softly modern feel, that also allowed in loads of light. We used long, tall proportions for the glass, but with timber frames, which are in keeping with the windows throughout the rest of the house.

A set of floating concrete steps and a flat concrete lobby roof complete the modern touch.

At the back of the house, we again used more modern proportions for window openings and mirrored the detailing at the front with a matching floating step up to the new home office addition.

A set of classic, slatted timber screens was added to the previously open carport to shield and frame the garden from the utility areas.

Lastly, we added a lightweight steel pergola across the back of the house which will be trained with creepers, vines and fairy lights, adding a lovely softness to the facade and contributing to the lush garden environment. Just perfect for enjoying a beer or glass of wine under on a hot summer's evening!

Let us know what you think!


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